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Pono Investments, llc

Elevate your portfolio with Pono Investments, LLC (Pono Investments) a privately held real estate investment company.

Demand for rental housing is continually skyrocketing so investing alongside Pono Investments can be a great addition to your investment portfolio.  We secure well located multi-family properties in emerging markets that provide high yield returns and other great benefits.

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Elevate Your Portfolio

Multi-family real estate investing has many benefits while offering a great source of passive income.  The large demand for multi-family properties causes their value of real estate to appreciate and increases the potential for profit that can be shared with investors.  Along with financial advantages, there are other reasons to invest in multi-family real estate:

Why Real Estate?

Build Equity

One of the advantages of investing in multi-family real estate is the ability to build equity.

Passive Income

By investing in multi-family real estate, you can generate passive income while our experienced team handles oversight of the investment giving you the freedom to do what you enjoy.


Investing in real estate offers portfolio diversification and additional benefits of owning a tangible asset.


Depending on your investment type, you  may have real estate depreciation tax benefits.



Real estate is more resilient to market fluctuations and is not as volatile as stock market investments.


Unlike traditional investments, real estate allows leverage of 65% to 80% of the purchase price, increasing returns to investors.

Why multi-family?

Multiple tenants

Multiple tenants considerably lower the risk of occupancy instability over single family investments.


Multi-family properties have high appreciation rates and can be controlled with maintenance and value-add improvements.

Cash flow

Multi-family properties rely on multiple sources of income to pay expenses and generate cash flow that can be shared with investors.

Quick Portfolio Boost

It’s more efficient to acquire one property with multiple units than to acquire multiple single-family properties.

You can benefit from the ever-growing rental market and commercial property ownership with professional management, while Pono Investments does all the heavy lifting.

We employ our 15 years of real estate experience to pursue strong investment opportunities across the nation analyzing real numbers. We acquire properties in emerging markets that meet our strict criteria to provide investors like yourself multiple sources of revenue with an average annual return in the mid-teens (or better). We target properties that provide:

  • sustainable cash flow 
  • excellent equity upon disposition

The opportunity with Pono Investments

Sustainable Cash Flow

Equity Upon Disposition

Multi-Family v. Single Family

Favorable Renters Market


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