Goodness, Morality,
Prosperity and Righteousness

Pono Investments LLC is a Seattle-based real estate investment company that identifies and acquires promising multi-family investment opportunities throughout the U.S.

“Pono” is a concept derived from the Hawaiian language that translates to Goodness, Morality, Prosperity and Righteousness. Each of these values serve as integral pillars to our corporate philosophy.

During the acquisition process, we analyze and anticipate favorable market trends through our industry expertise and nation-wide contacts. Our primary goal is to identify and secure market opportunities that can provide our investors sustainable cash flow AND an equitable return upon disposition. Our goal on resale is to return our investors’ original investments plus a healthy return on investment. 

Our Investors can benefit from the ever-growing rental market and commercial property ownership with professional management, while Pono Investments does all the heavy lifting.

Mission Statement

Pono Investments’ mission is to foster Pono (goodness, morality, prosperity, righteousness) partnerships while maintaining our focus on creating quality housing at affordable prices for the local market. Pono Investments seeks to conduct all business aligned with pono principles and foster long term relationships with investors, vendors, and tenants.

The Team

Rolly + Leesa Ganir

Rolly and Leesa work collaboratively to foster pono partnerships with brokers to obtain information about coveted off-market deals and they work together to strategize deal analyses. Rolly takes the lead as the financial analyst, investor relations and legal liaison for the Company.  Leesa spearheads Pono Investments’ operations by maintaining efficient administration, incorporating innovative technology systems, and excels at investor communications.    

For the past 15 years, Rolly and Leesa focused on single-family real estate in Hawai’i and Washington.  They have invested, managed, and renovated single-family properties and are currently expanding to larger opportunities in the multi-family real estate space. 

Rolly and Leesa have outstanding organizational and networking skills and a solid track record of experience. Rolly successfully became co-owner of a small family owned cleaning company based in Hawai’i. During that time, operations expanded to the west coast within the hotel and resort industry.  The expansion resulted in a multimillion-dollar company that employed over 450 hardworking individuals.

Pono Partners

The importance of a team approach cannot be stressed enough. Pono Investments has created strategic pono partnerships to optimize property acquisitions. Pono Investments’ advisory team leverages the talents and expertise of both local and nationally experienced professionals. . This structure provides checks and balances that enable the experts to assist our team with making the best decisions with respect to each acquisition. Our advisory team includes:

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Real Estate Attorney ~ Provides advice with respect to title, loans, environmental, and insurance issues. They review inspections, leases, loan documents and purchase agreements. They may assist with drafting documents such as rental agreements, leases, loan documents, and deeds.

Corporate Securities Attorney ~ Assists with structuring companies associated with each of our acquisitions and provides advice regarding the often complex laws and regulations that apply to raising funds from private investors.  They provide legal documents necessary for Pono Investments to meet their obligations and duties to investors and comply with rules of both the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and state securities agencies.  

Real Estate Brokers ~ Pono Investments continuously builds relationships with real estate brokers in each emerging market. The brokers’ understanding of the local market aids Pono Investments in determining which areas to target.

Lending/Mortgage Broker ~ Pono Investments works efficiently with mortgage brokers to secure lending options in markets nationwide.  The broker works on Pono Investments’ behalf with lenders to find competitive interest rates that best fit the requirements of the each acquisition.  

Insurance Agents ~ Pono Investments develops relationships with credible insurance agents ensure the proper coverage for each property to protect each investment.

Property Inspectors ~ Pono Investments hires multiple, local experienced property inspectors and selects those that can act on short notice and provide quality feedback. They provide another set of eyes to review every aspect of a subject property and limit unforeseen issues. 

Property Managers ~ Pono Investments employs local property managers that can establish and maintain the quality and care of the properties; with the primary goal to foster a positive living environment for tenants.  Their role is to be proactive in marketing each property, screening prospective tenants, maintaining occupancy and handling day-to-day operations.  

Appraisers ~ Pono Investments hires qualified local appraisers who provide unbiased professional opinions of the value of a property.  Appraisers provide valuations in a purchase and sale transaction to ensure the contract price is appropriate.


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